Should Animals Be Used In Dangerous Jobs Essay

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Animals all around the world are constantly dying, because they are being forced into unfair situations. They have no way to escape their problems. You may ask, “who would do such a thing?” The answer to your question is the military. They make animals perform dangerous tasks, and sometimes test hazardous weapons and gases on them. The animals are being hurt, mentally and physically. Animals should not be used in dangerous jobs because they are being taken advantage of, and sometimes even abused. Animals are constantly dying due to being forced to partake in experiments, and it is not morally right to use animals in such dangerous situations. The military is using and taking advantage of innocent animals. Groups such as the army use animals, like cats and pigs, to perform medical training on. They use pigs so doctors in the trauma field can practice working quickly to save people who are injured in war. Sometimes, the soldiers will shoot the animals so the doctors can later practice stitching and dressing wounds. The military also uses smaller animals, such as cats and ferrets, to practice intubation for doctors in the pediatric field. “In another separate animal welfare complaint, filed by the PCRM to the…show more content…
I disagree with this view that animals like doing the job, as recent research has shown that the animals are often forced into doing the work. Being in the army is a position the animals most likely don’t want to be in. PETA believes that animals need to give consent before doing any work for the military. It is only fair that we give animals the same treatment that we do to humans. Whenever a person signs up for the military, they know what they’re getting into. Humans also know that there are risks such as getting injured and dying. However, animals do not about that. They are forced into working, and don’t know the
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