Animal Testing Satire

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Animals have existed by human’s side for millions of years, however, recently, certain animals are being used to test human products. Products that are not significant compared to the pain animals such as guinea pigs, dogs, rats; and rabbit are forced to endure. Would testing that one lipstick formula or mascara be worth the agony of a living soul? For some, the answer would be yes, our own selfish needs outweigh their effects on others. Perhaps some people would even be the ones testing on these animals as long as they get paid. Be that as it may, others view these tests as immoral and should be illegal universally. So much so that there are animal activists who protest against the use of animal testing for cosmetics.
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It states that "No person shall use any animal for testing of cosmetics", and that those who defy this law, will face action as per provision of the Drugs and Cosmetics and Animal Cruelty Act. The punishment is a term of 3 to 10 years and or a fine of 500 to 10000 rupees. In Canada, we are still looking to pass the Cruelty-Free Cosmetics act to officially "ban cosmetic animal testing in Canada and the sale of cosmetic product and ingredients that have been newly tested on animals outside of the country." It is hard to believe that India has passed the law before Canada as "approximately 35% of Canadian households have a dog", and are recognized to treat pets as family. Some of the most notable beauty brands that test on animals in China are Estee Lauder, Avon, Clinique; Maybelline, Nars, and Elizabeth Arden. Glamglow, e.t.c. While these list of brands do not test on animals: Lush, Kat Von D, Bath & Body Works; Smashbox, and Wet N Wild. Most manufacturers still support animal testing because they follow regulations, primarily in China, where it is required for cosmetic products produced outside of the country and imported for sale be tested on animals first. Thus, companies will undergo these animal tests to make an extra profit as they will be allowed to sell their products in

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