Should Animals Have Basic Human Rights Essay

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Animals are different than us in many ways. For example they walk different, eat different, and look different. There are many other traits that animals have that humans don’t and vise versa. Why do we treat animals differently? Is it because they don 't speak like us there for we don 't listen to how they feel? Animals can 't talk for themselves, all they can do is feel the emotion. For example, apes, they are a very smart species. Scientist have found ways to communicate with an animal through sign language--a language we can understand. Scientists have proven that apes are the closest animal species we have to humans. Many people don 't like the fact that apes are being tested. People argue against apes being tested in labs. They also believe that apes should have basic human rights, apes should have freedom. Why do people argue that only apes should have freedom? Apes are still animals. There are many other animals in the world that get tested on in labs and are taken from their homes just to do research on them. If apes are given basic human rights then they would be treated equally, and because they are treated equally by basic human rights then all animals should be treated…show more content…
On the other hand there are some people who believe animals should not have basic human rights. Perhaps they don 't deserve it because animals don 't know right from wrong when their natural instinct is to survive. You can 't punish a animal for killing another animal the way you can punish a human for murder. Humans understand right from wrong. Giving animals basic human rights is also not a good idea because giving animals human rights would mean not being able to test on animals. Who then will there be to test on. It would be inhumane to test medicines on a human and risk losing a Human 's life rather than losing a animals life. By testing on apes and other animals scientist have found many new cures for a lot of diseases. Taking apes and animals out of labs what would we have
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