Should Animals Learn American Sign Language Analysis

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Animals are just like every other living thing in the world, they have feelings. Animals should be able to have rights they should be treated with respect and not suffer the experiments they are tested on. Animals are humans they have feelings, even though they can not speak, they can feel everything.

Animals are smart they can learn new things and be able to learn sign language. (Source A), proves that animals can learn American Sign Language (ASL), animals have to be treated with love and respect. Chimpanzees are our closest living relatives, they can do almost anything we can do. People often assume that animals are not like them but once they showed a chimpanzee learned ASL. People start to wonder how this is possible, how do the animals understand? If animals have the support from humans
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So why not have humans feel the pain animals go through every day. There was this woman who wanted to show the world that what animals go through so she was tested on for ten hours of what animals went through. She was being tested at a cosmetic store in front of the window. She was force fed and treated like any other animal would. The doctor forced her mouth open with metal hooks that strapped around her head. There were eye drops that were forced in her eyes and injections. The pain she went through bleeding and irritating skin and face, she proved that animals should have rights. She showed her community and the world how the animals go through the pain, she is and was the voice for the animals. (Source F) is how many animals are being used and experimented. It is a high percentage of some animals being tested for stuff like makeup and other treatments. Animals need to have support, because after the testings done they die or look awful. Their skin is patchy or they can not see or hear anymore. Animals need to feel safe and that is where humans should advocate the rights for
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