Should Antigone Be Buried

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There are many influential leader in this world that make excellent decisions and laws for their countries. But would you listen to a god or just another human? There are 7 billion people on Earth and there are different religions that believe in different gods but there are still only a few gods or lords. Why would you follow a law created by your fellow human beings when a god wants you to do something else? Antigone should be allowed to bury Polyneices because her beliefs say the deceased should be buried. King Creon even buried Eteocles but not Polyneices because he was a traitor. They both died so they should both be buried in honor of their religions. Government shouldn’t intervene with their peoples religion or anybody 's religion because all humans should be able to have their own beliefs. What happens in their life doesn’t change their beliefs. Therefore, Polyneices should be buried even though he wasn’t the greatest person. Some might say he’s a traitor and shouldn’t be buried like Creon
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This is a disgrace to Polyneices and his family if the government outlaws something their religion wants them to do. His family should be able to do whatever they want with the body. Bury him, cremate him, or anything they decide to do. Government shouldn’t intervene with its people’s religion. It should. They should only help a family if the family asks for help and they should treat all their citizens equal. Just imagine how you would feel if you were treated worse than somebody who is equal to you. There isn’t anything different between slavery and the situation in Antigone. Both have someone being prejudice against them even though they are equal to someone being treated better. Antigone is right, Polyneices should be buried alongside

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