Should Athletes Be Allowed Into The Hall Of Fame?

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If you have taken a performance enhancing drug you shouldn’t be allowed into the hall of fame, because it takes away from the accomplishments of others who felt they didn’t need the drugs to succeed in whatever sport they were involved in. Athletes who used performance enhancing drugs do not belong in the hall of fame. What are performance enhancing drugs? Performance enhancing drugs are substances such as steroids, monkey testosterone, federally banned alcohol, and etc. These drugs help you perform in an exceptional way when you are hurt, wanted to relax during a long season, or simply just perform better. A lot of “greats” such as Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, and Alex Rodriquez have all been linked to PEDS some time in their careers. When you find out about any athlete’s use of PEDS it makes you wonder have they been using them their entire career. Should any wins, they were involved in be voided? Should all athletes be tested for PEDS before each event? Those are all questions we should all think about.…show more content…
This shouldn’t happen, because for one PEDS can ruin your body, and if somebody openly knows about the drug use they are only adding to the harm. Another reason is that there is always someone on the team who works just as hard without PEDS who deserves a chance to shine. Professional athlete’s use of PEDS sets a bad example for young athletes, by showing that you don’t have to necessarily work hard, but you could just take the easy way out and pop a few pills, but hopefully as an athlete becomes older the government can try to regulate their use of these substances as they do alcohol, tobacco, and prescription
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