Should Athletes Be Paid Large Sums Of Money Essay

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Should Athletes and Entertainers Be Paid Large Sums of Money? “Crack” is the sound the ball makes as it soars far, far away right into your mother’s new flowers. Many of us, as kids, loved to go outside and play sports. I’m sure some of us even wanted to make a career out of a sport at some point. We loved to watch our favorite athletes win a championship. But athletes are paid an insane amount of money today. Athletes should not be paid huge amounts of money because many athletes only work for 5-10 years and make more than one family in a decade, are sports really so important that we should spend trillions of dollars every year on them, and there are more important career paths that deserve better recognition and better pay. How …show more content…

Doctors save lives every day. Scientists find new ways to provide power and water to those how don’t have it. Firefighters and police officers put their lives in danger for strangers every day. Our men and women in the military fight for our rights and freedoms. I bet most of you couldn’t name a famous doctor, firefighter, police officer, solider, or scientist. But all of you could name a famous athlete or T.V. star. My godfather is a brain surgeon who has save dozens of people from tumors and many other issues. What credit does he get? He doesn’t get a million dollars; he doesn’t get his face on every T.V. screen in America. But these athletes and entertainers who make 10 times the amount of money he makes play a game once a week or show a T.V. show for 2 weeks then take a break. These people who save our lives daily don’t have time to rest and soak in their wealth. They have to get up at any time they are needed and go help people. They can’t wake up at 10 a.m. every morning on their king sized mattress. Yet these athletes who have done nothing for society get paid millions of dollars in one year and are set for life. How is that

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