Should Athletes Get Overpaid

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Many professional athletes get paid millions of dollars. Some people think that these athletes don’t deserve high salaries and some others do believe they deserve what they earn. This is a topic that has been debated for as long as sports have been around among many people. In my opinion, athletes get overpaid for playing a game that they play for a small amount of years while the general population spends their entire lives working and not getting nearly as much and that’s not fair to society. Take for example the nurses, firefighters, police officers, and many other occupations that work long hours and sometimes put their life in the line of danger to help others. A nurse will put in long hours to help those who are need and may witness many things that many could not handle, for example getting close to a patient and then they die, I can only imagine you have to develop a strong heart for that. Firefighters and police officers alike will often risk their life doing their job. A burning building or responding to a domestic assault or a…show more content…
“Do we value entertainment more than health and safety? Is competition more important to us than compassion and public service?” (pg. 24) People who dedicate their lives to save and protect us should get more appreciation than they do compared to the athletes that just entertain us. If you were sick and needed a nurse to tend to your needs wouldn’t you think that was more important than watching a sport on your TV? If you decided to become an athlete and got hurt nurses and doctors would be the ones to help you get better. Or if your family was trapped in a burning house, you would need firefighters to save them. Sure sports are inspiring and entertaining to watch, but the health and safety of others is what really matters and is what should be valued and taken into consideration by our society and job makers to be more funded than athletic

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