Should Athletes Get Paid Essay

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Professional Athletes Salary As super bowl LI comes to a close it is the Eagles that will earn $165,000 for winning the game and beating the all-time favorite the Patriots. Many people have debated on whether or not professional athletes should get paid less money. In my opinion, I believe they shouldn’t get paid less money for what they do because they practice for 24 to 30 hours a week, it provides support for medical costs, and they don’t just play the sport. To become a professional athlete, you have to work your entire life to get to that point. Many athletes start from the bottom and they have to work their way up to the top and that isn’t always easy. These athletes practice for 24 to 30 hours every week just so they don’t embarrass the team when they play on the big stage. The large sums of money they are getting paid is the…show more content…
Although, there are reasons that they should get paid less, I still believe they shouldn’t because athletes don’t just play the sport. Athletes are involved in charities and volunteering where they hang out with kids who don’t have the opportunity to see them play. Fans or kids look up to these athletes as role and want to grow up to be just like them. When so many kids look up these athletes it means they are doing something great and deserve the money they get paid. These athletes play on the biggest stages every week and are in the public eye every second of the day. They get paid money not only for playing the game, but they get paid to give to charities and to make kids dreams come true. Most athletes don’t keep all their money for themselves and they donate it to a company or association that will help people all over the world. If you were looked up to by so many people wouldn’t you want the money to make their dreams come
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