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One out of three mouthfuls of food is, in some way, produced or related to bees. (Alexandra Zissu) However, beekeepers around the country have been reporting a loss of 30-90 percent of their hives since 2006. (“Colony Collapse Disorder”). This phenomena has no proven cause, but pesticide overexposure, loss of habitat, lack of genetic biodiversity, and many others are all being tested and hotly debated by scientists around the world, with pesticide overexposure and loss of habitat the two prevailing causes. Although it would be expensive and difficult, pesticides should be banned, and citizens should be asked to dedicate land to gardens to conserve and help bee populations.
Pesticides poison bugs and other pests that feed on plants. Pesticides and herbicides have been shown to make bees three times more susceptible to parasites and diseases. According to Life of The Honey Bee, every new arrival is checked by guard bees so no intruders enter the hive. This means that the first bees that would be infected are the guard bees, making it easier to
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However, planting gardens, wild flowers, and other blooming species will benefit bees and humans. states, one out of every three mouthfuls of food in America is in some way related to or produced by bees. Furthermore, according to, since nature has such a delicate system, if one species dies, the whole system has to adapt or collapse. It also states, all of the bees in a hive are closely related, which means that if one has a sickness, it can spread more quickly than if they weren’t related. Clearly, if pesticides make bees more vulnerable to illnesses, and illnesses spread easily in the hive, there is a big link between pesticides and bees dying. Banning pesticides and planting gardens would create a much healthier environment for bees and other species, including

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