Should Benjamin Franklin Be Accepted Into The Hall Of Fame?

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The Revolutionary Figure that I picked for my essay is Benjamin Franklin. Benjamin Franklin was born January 17, 1706 in Boston, Massachusetts. He was the tenth son of seventeen of a man who made soap and candles. In his early life at the age of twelve he became an apprentice to his brother who was a printer. He would later on establish his own printing shop. When opening his printing shop he published his successful paper “Poor Richard’s Almanac”. Shortly after his printing press business had expanded throughout the colonies. It was such a success that Franklin could retire at the age of 42. He then would take the time that he had now to pursue his fascination of science. Since he didn’t know if other scientists had discovered…show more content…
At a young age, Franklin was a determined. He would become his brother’s apprentice in his printing press company. This would inspire him to establish his own printing press which would be well known throughout all the colonies. He was then given the rank of postmaster, which made him the head of all the post offices in the colonies. He was very interested in pursuing science and enjoyed inventing; this curiosity of science would lead him to be the first to discover electricity. He also helped invent many useful things that would help the colonies. While in Philadelphia, he opposed British taxation in the colonies. In the second continental congress he would declare independence from Britain’s rule over the colonies. He would then at the end of the revolutionary war draft the treaty of Paris, which ended the war and dissolved the relations between the America and Britain. Making America at last a free and independent nation. That is why I think Benjamin Franklin should be in the US Hall of Fame because without him, this country would be what it is
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