Should Body Cameras Be Worn Essay

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The powerful words “trust, but verify” were once said by former United States President Ronald Reagan. These words need to be used for all situations and people. In order for there to be trust and a way to verify what happens between the police officers and citizens, police body cameras need to be worn. Technology is advanced as it has ever been and there is now a way for police officers to wear a camera right on their uniform. This technology must be taken advantage of for the benefits it provides to police officers and citizens. Police officers should be required to wear body cameras, because they increase accountability, strengthen the protection of officers and citizens, and help prevent violence.
The need for police body cameras is growing every day since there are so many disagreements that come from the actions of police officers. Being a police officer means putting your life at risk every time you work. When police officers wear a …show more content…

The many positives of body cameras come with the downside that it would cost millions of dollars for all policemen to wear a camera on their uniform. The cost of these body cameras may seem like an issue in the beginning, but the way they will be utilized will defiantly pay off in the long run. In order for the cameras to get the proper use the police officer has to turn them on. The American Civil Liberties Union “wants law enforcement agencies to use technology that prevents videos from being deleted by police” (Hill, 2014). This is really important and so is having cameras that cannot be turned off by the police officers, because “ACLU has gotten reports of shenanigans where cameras are mysteriously turned off at crucial moments” (Hill, 2014). Everyone has a right to privacy, but in order to better protect and prevent violence, police officers will have to properly use cameras or be at risk of losing their

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