The Pros And Cons Of Banning Books In Schools

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The banning books: Praised or Disapproved. Many books have been banned all around the world despite that people still think that books should not be banned because of the content inside even if the book has a good message. Books such as Harry Potter have been banned for it use of magic and witchcraft. But still others think that the lesson is more important. Banning books have pros and cons and can be seen either way. Some books are frequently banned in schools because they contain explicit content; however, some people argue that these very same books are worth reading because books were made to be read and teach us a lesson. Harry Potter has been banned in schools around the world because of the topic of witchcraft. J.K Rowling…show more content…
There are both pros and cons to banning book in school. According to, “Parents have the right to decide what material their children are exposed to and when.” Parents have the right to ban books so they can protect their children from violent content. Children need to be protect from content that could scar them. also states that “Children should not be exposed to sex, violence, drug use, or other inappropriate topics in school or public libraries.” Children should not learn about such things until they are old enough. Kids can be influenced by the things that they are taught at a young age. “Keeping books with inappropriate content out of libraries protects kids, but does not stop people from reading those books or prevent authors from writing them.” Many people think because they are banned means you can not read them. People can still read these books just not at a young age, this also should not stop authors from writing books such as To Kill a Mockingbird. There are people that also still believe that books should not be banned. There are thousands of people out there that think schools should not ban books. Harry potter is a book that is often brought up to be banned in school. A grandmother and her grandson did not understand why someone would even entertain the idea of banning a book.“that…show more content…
Every book has a massage but some books have explicit content that parents feel are too much for their kids at such a young age. Schools still have a problem with banning books, some school strongly believe that keeping books that are not appropriate for kids to read off the shelves is the safest option. Still other schools think that banning books is simply not right and should not be done. It is still a well talked about topic. So should banning books be praised or
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