Should Boys And Girls Be In Separated Classes Essay

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Should the boys and girls be in separated classes?
The enlightenment of 21st century has lit a new world. Right after the beginning era of democracy, women had been treated equally in our society. Theoretically speaking, girls were not allowed to attend higher education in the middle ages and also in some undeveloped nations until recently. Well, looking at right now would probably answer the question, “Should boys and girls be in separated classes?” Teaching in the same classroom helps to improve academic performances. Each student has their unique cognitive ability to learn and will gain confidence to be friend with each other in order not to get embarrass. Studying in the same class helps boys and girls to have better socialization skills and to gain more knowledge. Segregated classrooms can reinforce gender stereotype because they are not challenged. The different set of thinking methods is generally believed to originate from the different toys boys and girls play with at an early age. Boys as infants usually play with logos, robots, and plays that have to do with logic, while young girls usually play
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In order to have a good relationship, they should be placed in same classes so they can interact properly with each other and can share their feelings and thoughts. Boys and girls do not need to be educated in separated classrooms, because only when they stay in the same classrooms will more ideas come out and will they be more adapted to the society they are joining in the future. Teaching techniques should not be classified by gender, because whether they are boy or a girl does not really imply that they belong to a certain learning type. Thus the same teaching technique may not be applicable to all people with the same sex. So, it is good to unite in same class to gain knowledge and to gain confidence about opposite
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