Should Boys And Girls Playing On The Same Team Essay

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To this day, there is still some discrimination when it comes to boys and girls playing on the same sports team. So many people, which will generally be adults, have a problem with both boys and girls playing on the same team. We are in the twenty-first century and people are still closing certain sports to certain genders. I have began to notice that it is still frowned upon when boys and girls are on the same team, but my question is why. I believe boys and girls should be able to play on the same team and that it should not be weird when they do a sport uncommon for their gender because people should have the freedom of choice, it doesn’t matter your gender and as long as you're playing the game who cares who's with you. Everyone wants to have that choice to do what they want. People do deserve that…show more content…
Some counter arguments could be as follows. Some will say having people choose whatever sport they want could lead to them choosing a sport that is not really suited for them. Some others may argue that either male or female athlete may get distracted and not play the game as well as they could. Also, some may claim that that That is too masculine for her or too feminine for him. It is sad to say that boys and girls are discriminated or judged for playing together on the same team. I do believe that they should be able to be on the same team without the feeling of others disapproving of their choice. With that being said, I think we should make sports more open to both genders. Such as making a boys and girls volleyball team or a football team that allows both boys and girls to join. I know a change like that may not happen for a while, but why not start trying
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