Should Breastfeeding Be Allowed In Public

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Breastfeeding in Public What is your controversy? Describe it in at least a paragraph. Focus on what people disagree about and why. (10 points) I chose the controversy breastfeeding in public. As I researched this topic I discovered that there are multiple forms of public breastfeeding, feeding with a cover or feeding without a cover. You will find different groups with different feelings on what is acceptable. Some believe that a baby and mother should be allowed to nurse in public without a cover to their own discretion, others believe that it is only acceptable for nursing to take place under a cover. Another group feels that mothers should nurse in a separate area, such as a bathroom or changing stall. Lastly, we have those that feel it is never…show more content…
I plan to one day have children and would hope that people will respect my choice that I have made for myself and my life with my child. I do believe that my feelings may change based on research into my skeptics’ point of views. Who are your skeptics? (10 points) What types of people would likely oppose your tentative thesis, and why? Explain reasons why they would disagree – you may draw on what you have read in sources to prepare for this assignment. If you use exact wording from a source, please put that in quotation marks and tell me where you found the source. Skeptics of this issue come from a wide range. Religious groups such as Catholics or conservative Christians may be skeptical of allowing uncovered breastfeeding in public. Men and Women who are not interested in children may find the intrusion of their public area with such an intimate act to be rude and abrupt. Another group where skeptics may come from includes fellow mothers and wife’s who do not feel that it is acceptable for any women, themselves or another, to be see in that state in

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