Should Call Of The Wild Be Banned Essay

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Should “Call of the Wild” be Banned? Did you know that Jack London’s “Call of the Wild” won the newbery medal in 1931? Even though this is true some still say that wonderful books like this should be banned from schools so that today’s youth cannot read them. However I disagree and say that we should let today’s youth read these books and that they should in fact not be banned from schools across the country. I believe this for several reasons; kids need to learn to be more mature, this book teaches many valuable things, and finally “Call of the Wild” and other books that are getting banned from schools are timeless Classics that everyone should have the privilege to read and enjoy. To begin with today’s youth need to learn to be more mature. In the text it states, “ The people… want their kids to have open, uxpenxinxse minds”. This is basically stating that people are FOR expanding their children’s mind which is exactly what books like “Call of the Wild”…show more content…
“ QUOTE THING INSERT HERE”. This quote exactly describes what is happening here; both these books are classics and have taught many people many things. Even though many people don’t use the dictionary as a leisure book it still is a book that can be learned from just like “Call of the Wild”. Also Call of the Wild” won the Newbery Medal in 1931. Banning a book that has won a Newbery Medal is like banning a movie that won an Oscar. It just makes no sense to take something that got recognized for how great it is and then not let anyone see it or read it. It’s a shame it really is that they will ban a book just because of one or two people's complaints. Some may say that it doesn't matter how good the book is but if the content is inappropriate then it should not be read, but they are wrong. Really the appropriateness of the content doesn't change the quality of the
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