Should Candy And Soda Should Be Banned From Schools Essay

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Based on Tom Vilsack about a third of American children are overweight or obese. I think that candy and soda should be banned from school because it is unhealthy for you and there is a higher chance of getting obese. For example, if all children drink soda and are always eating candy then they are going to end up having an unhealthy and an unbalanced diet. At school, I’ve seen a variety of students drinking soda and eating candy. There’s a reason the cafeteria doesn’t provide soda because it is not healthy for you. Therefore, many schools try and serve nutritious and healthy foods. Also in the vending machines, they might sell junk food, but they don 't sell sodas because I figure that the teachers told them not to. But if they store them with healthy food, then students won’t buy as much. Most teachers want students to start a healthy life and be obesity free and I think all students care about their weight. Then why eat junk food?…show more content…
Soda can also increase a big amount in obesity because it also has a lot of sugars. Soda has many calories that will make you fat. It also damages your teeth because of the soda itself and the gas it includes. If it 's bad for you, why do people drink it? People drink it because it tastes good. But even though it tastes good doesn 't mean it 's good for you. Some people drink it because they are addicted to drinking soda. My mom loves drinking coca cola soda and is addicted to drinking it, she says she can stop but we all know she can 't. But she doesn’t let us drink soda because she herself knows that it is not good for you. Soda is very popular and many people drink it like I said many people know that it is bad for you but they still drink it. But it is not bad if you drink soda once in a while. In conclusion, I think that soda and candy should be banned from schools because it can cause you to get obese. Also because it is a bad habit to be eating candy or drinking soda. It is also a high risk of getting cancers and chronic

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