Should Celebrities Get Paid Too Much

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My draft is about an argument. My argument is about how celebrities get paid way more than people in the army, navy, etc. I have people’s opinions and professionals. My first paragraph is celebrities get paid too much money. My second paragraph is about people in the military, navy, etc are getting paid less. My last paragraph are people’s opinions and professionals quotes about it. Celebrities get paid way too much money. They should at least use their money for a good cause. They should give some of their money to people who are risking their lives and fighting for our country for us. Some use their money for completely wrong things. The reason they are getting paid so much is because people like to watch them in movies and people like the way they “act”. My point is that they should stop getting paid too much. People risking their lives for us should get paid more money. They are fighting for our freedom. Some of them lose their life fighting for our country. They…show more content…
Abigail replied: Yes. Should we pay more taxes for people in the military? Elisa replied: yes, celebrities already got too much money, why would they need more. It sucks that they get paid so lowly even though they risk their lives to protect their country. How much money do you think celebrities and people in the military should get paid? Sarah replied: celebs should get about 29,000,000 because they need it to entertain others and get the makeup and clothes they need, and military should get about 5,000,000 idk why but it sound right for some reason. The Bleacher Report states that they absolutely don’t think that celebrities should get more money than people in the Army, Navy, etc. The Qora website thinks that military people should get paid more than celebrities. Here is their response, “Yes, I think that they should get paid more money than celebrities. Those who argue that athletes, musicians, and Hollywood actors are
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