Should Cell Phones Be Allowed In Class Essay

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Did you know that about 62 percent of schools ban cell phones inside of the classroom, while 24 percent ban phones in school altogether? There has been an ongoing debate about whether or not cell phones should be allowed for students to use during class. Some individuals believe that cell phones would be useful in class and provide a good way to communicate, while others believe that phones are only a distraction inside of class and a way to spread rumors and misinformation. After much research, I have come to the conclusion that cell phones should not be allowed during class because they are a potential distraction, they could be a source for cheating, and we are already paying a lot of money to provide our chromebooks.
One reason I believe that cell phones have no purpose inside of a class is that they provide an easy way to cheat. For example, according to a CBS News survey, more than a third of teens that own cell phones say that they’ve used their cell phone to cheat on a test before, and 52 percent say
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Cell phones can also be very distracting to the teacher, who are only trying to give an education. If one cell phone ring goes off, the entire class has an impulse to turn their heads toward the ringing, therefore turning their attention away from the teacher. Take, for instance, the recent New York Daily News survey, based around Hillcrest High School staff. 77 percent of the surveyed staff stated that there have been more negative incidents in their classroom when students are allowed to use their phone. 70 percent also claim that they have had one or more incidents involving students and their cell phones. For these reasons, cell phones are a huge distraction, and provide an easy way to use the internet to
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