Should Cell Phones Be Allowed In School Essay

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The banning of the presence or usage of cell phones and other gadgets on school grounds have been a long and ongoing debate within the school system. Some argued that the banning of the use of electronic devices, such as cell phones, would suggest that the schools were “out of date” and that the use of these devices would help the students in their process of learning. But, supporters of phones has counter-argued that if cell phones are allowed to be used during lessons, these devices would in turn enable the student’s ability to concentrate on the lesson. Even though, both sides had given reasons to support their judgment on the issue, I believed that students should not have cell phones or other electronic devices in school. The most obvious argument that support the banning of cell phones is that the presence of cell phones distracts the students from paying attention the lesson. Stated in, researchers at the University of Texas at Austin say banning phones in schools is equivalent to extending the school year by five days. According to Richard Murphy, the co-author of the…show more content…
With cell phones getting smaller and thinner as it progresses, teachers have difficulties in detecting these devices in the class. Students could use the internet or other application on their phones to cheat or do well in school tasks. This will affect other student’s capability of learning, as they see no point on studying when cheating on the exams is much easier. Rather than helping the students in their education, the presence of cell phones could ruin their learning process. Even though there is a chance that the students don’t cheat by using their phones, it is better to prevent it from happening, rather than having to implement more consequences to the
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