Should Cell Phones Be Banned In School Essay

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Technology is everywhere. In people’s homes, public areas, and in teenagers’ hands. Cell phones have become a part of teenagers’ lives and cannot be taken away. As technology evolves, consequently, teenagers feel the need to have the latest phones to “fit in” or feels pressured into having one. Students bring their cell phones everywhere with them, including school where notifications or ringing disrupts in class. Cell phones be a helpful source of information and communication. However, cell phones in school and in classrooms cause many problems. Schools should ban cell phones because it is too much exposure, it is disruptive, and students can cheat easily with the use of technology. First of all, cell phones should be banned in school…show more content…
Jodie Rodriguez, a former teacher and reading specialist says, “I think that parents want/need to have kids carry cell phones for safety reasons when walking or riding the bus to school.” Jodie Rodriguez believes that cell phones provide a sense of safety for parents and is a useful source communication during emergencies for parents and kids. However, this can be challenged because even if parents want to monitor their child’s safety, it disrupts the educational environment. In a blog published by Alanna Harvey, a co-founder and marketing director of Flipd which is a research-based blog that helps students balance their extra use of technology, includes Clay Shirky, an NYU media studies professor who talks about how technology is very distracting. The professor declares, “Anyone distracted in class doesn’t just lose out on the content of the discussion, they create a sense of permission that opting out is OK, and, worse, a haze of second-hand distraction of their peers.” Besides, there are many other ways to monitor their child’s safety by teachers who always take attendance and security cameras around the school. Obviously, schools shouldn’t allow cell phones in school because it is a big
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