Should Cell Phones Be Used In The Classroom Essay

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People are surprised to learn that cell phones can be used as an educational tool to help improve learning. Most adults think that cell phones are ruining children 's minds, but really they may be teaching children and teens. Using cell phones in classrooms might improve students’ learning and engage them to want to learn new things. Cell phones can be a big distraction, however, students should be allowed to use them in classrooms. Cell phones can be used for tests or projects, reading, and taking notes in class. Cell Phones in classrooms can be used for many different things, such as large projects and tests. They can be used as finding facts or reasons for projects. In an article posted in 2015 “Both students and teachers can now find facts within seconds. This can be very useful when explaining and debating topics”(Leyden). This means that projects can be due at an earlier time because students can more easily find facts to support their evidence. Another way Cell Phones can be used in classrooms are students can take quizzes and tests that their…show more content…
In an article published in 2015 it says “When learning, applying for a job position or going to a University, reading PDFs and manuals can be mandatory. For this reason, applications like the Kindle allow us to read books and manuals from anywhere.” “Many teachers often include news articles as part of their teaching methods (for example, in Economics). With an endless amount of news gathering mobile applications, you can bring news and current affairs into the classroom in an instant”(Leyden). Therefore, students homework will be turned in on time and they can access their homework or reading assignment from
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