Should Cellphones Be Allowed In School Essay

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Once, one my friends needed to go home and call her parents from school because she was sick. She tried using her own phone, but was told not to and instead to use the phone in the school office. Is there any other solution to this? People argue whether or not students should use their cellphones in school. This is important because deciding on if students should use them or not determines the fate of their learning experience. There are several reasons as to why cellphones can be a big help to students in school. Teachers should let their students use their phones in class, reasons being that cellphones can be a useful tool, students should carry them around for safety reasons, and students can be entertained with new, fun ways to learn. To begin with, teachers should allow students to use their phones because they can be used as a useful tool. A quote from an article titled, “The Cellphone Debate” by Abby McGinn and Anjali Arigela, goes, “Cellphones are not just a safety precaution, they can also be a useful tool. The Pew study also said that 73% of advanced placement and national writing project teachers allow their students to use their cellphones as a tool in their classroom.” This…show more content…
When given the choice of banning phones from school, and keeping them, the choice should be to keep them. Reasons being that cellphones can serve as a useful tool, students should have them for safety reasons, and they keep students entertained and make them excited to learn. If this claim is not listened to, some parents may stress out over whether or not their kid is safe at school, without having contact with their child. Students also may find it difficult to learn by listening to boring classroom lectures, without the fun of learning with cellphones. For all of the reasons stated, cellphones should certainly be allowed in school. Banning cellphones could change a child’s school life very much for the
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