Should Cellphones Be Allowed In School

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Did you know twenty-four percent of K-12 schools ban cell phones altogether, and 62 percent allow phones on school grounds but ban them in the classrooms? As you know, not many schools allow the use of cellphones in school. Those that do usually have a strict restriction on them. Even though most schools do not allow the use of cell phones in the classrooms, they have educational benefits, therefore they should be allowed in the classroom. The reason I think cellphones should be allowed is because they don 't only have distracting uses, but they also have educational uses. Although cellphones can be distracting, there are tons of educational uses for cell phones. In an article called “40 Uses For Smartphones In School,”(leyden) it gives 40 educational uses for cell phones during school hours.…show more content…
There are some apps even teachers could use like a testing app as this was also mentioned in “40 uses for smartphones in school.” (Leyden) they can be used to look up facts, take tests, and mobile phones can be used to monitor and keep track of a student’s work and test results as well. Nevertheless, teachers have access at all times to a particular student and can see if that student is making progress or
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