Should Cellphones Be Used In School Essay

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Should Cellphones be used in Schools? Cell phones are universally owned objects that are constantly used throughout daily life. They are essential and influential to life today. It is how we communicate, socialize, and interact with others. The original purpose of a phone was to be able to communicate to people with ease. Today, society has shifted the ideal purpose of a cell phone. Its ability and purpose has changed in a way so unexpected no one dared to look back at the old technology they used before. But as its need in society grew, people began to question whether it is a tool or a toy. Essentially it is both, but people cannot see that. Because of their inept to see that something can be both, people must choose. Thus, coming to the…show more content…
There are some apps that make fun and educational games for students that can be used in a class. For instance, many teachers enjoy using Quizlet or Kahoot to challenge students and help them study in a fun and helpful environment. Apps like these help students learn to retain information for longer amounts of time. As well as apps that are games there are also apps such as the calculator app. Apps such as the calculator one can be used if a student forgot the item or could not afford to buy one. There are many students that may not have enough money to afford essential items like computers or calculators. But most students during this time century have cell phones because it is a necessary tool for everyone with various uses. Cell phones have thousands of apps that can make up for the items that cannot be afforded. Cell phones also have apps that can translate assignments and words to a different language so transfer students or ESLs - English Second Language- could keep up with the class. Even though there are many useful classroom appropriate apps, there are also thousands of apps that are used by students that distract them from learning such as
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