Should Chewing Gum Be Allowed In School Essay

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Let’s Chew Gum at School!

Wouldn’t it be be wonderful if we could chew gum at school? Have you ever thought to consider the benefits that we would get by being allowed to chew gum at school? When you look into it a little more, you will find out that there is actually significant benefits that come from chewing gum, benefits that will help us perform better during school. I definitely think that gum should be allowed during school for many reasons.

The first reason is that chewing gum is proven to help you focus. Previous research shows gum helps you stay focused longer. Students come to school to learn. It is important that our students stay focused so that they can be more productive, and won’t be caught off guard by what they’re doing after school, or whatever they might be thinking of. If we were allowed to chew gum, it would help us stay focused and stay on task. Research also showed that chewing gum improves concentration in visual memory tasks, which leads to my next reason I think gum should be allowed at school.

Chewing gum has been significantly proven to improve your memory. Psychologist say people who were chewing gum during a test of long and short term memory, got better scores. than those who were not chew gum. ⅓ of 75% tested chewing gum during
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Wouldn’t it be better if students could come to school with less stress hanging over them? Japanese researchers claim that chewing gum for even 10 or more minutes, can reduce stress. Three recent Wrigley funded studies found that chewing gum improved measures of stress, and lead to a more positive mood. Positivity at school is very important. Imagine yourself as a middle school student. You didn’t do so well in school, and school wasn’t a very nice place to come to because it just gave you even more stress. Well, if students could chew gum, then maybe they would be less stressed out all the

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