Should Child Beauty Pageants Be Banned?

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Should child beauty pageants be banned?
Intro :
Let them be kids. Every parent wants their children to earning self-confidence and readiness for the highly competitive ability world ahead of them, and from the perspective of parents entering the children into beauty pageants is one terrific way of fulfill that. On the other hand, beauty pageants reinforcement unhealthy values on kids. Truthfully, is that we live in a community where manifestation is overrated, particularly in women, but that doesn 't mean that kids, typically girls, need to be put through the compression and lifestyle like adult and what these competitions require. They should enjoy their childhood in a quite various environment, where liberality and admittance of everyone 's differences is the overall dialect. Psychological, health, educational complications and financial exploitation are the major outcomes that can damage one’s childhood.
Body 1 Psychological
Psychological is the major reasons to stop child beauty pageants. In other words, this kinds of experience may lead to many causes such as depression, feeling disquiet and might thinking in negative way because their failures in this competition (Beauty Pageants Pros and Cons List, 2015). In addition, The feeling of disappointment at a young age can also become something deep rooted in them. Feelings of defeat and awkward can also become ingrained in the child. Moreover, beauty pageants can produce jealousy and grudge in children and increases
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