Should Child Beauty Pageants Be Banned?

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” Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.”-Coco Chanel. The best form of beauty is the beauty of the inner soul and the expression of one’s self. Beauty is not only something that catches the eyes, but also satisfies the senses and the mind. Beauty makes you see past the lovely sight. Parents who enter their kids are condemned as attempting to experience their life, desire and need to feel wonderful and beautiful again through their kid, constraining their kid to perform under stage mum weight, to help them feel better about their lives. Other reactions incorporate constraining youngsters to wear make-up and improper outfit for children of that age. Children should be banned from participating in beauty pageants due to the psychological and physical abuse.
Child beauty pageants are a form of psychological abuse and should be banned as a result. Parents forcing their children to participate child beauty pageants is obviously coming from dismal, over educated, upper middle class individuals who have never been inebriated by the spotlight. Spotlights, the runway and overwhelming applauses are what motivate young children to take an interest, despite the fact that parents likewise have a tendency to be a piece of this excursion also. Reckless parents compelling their child to this contest and obliging them to be the winner in any way for money and fame. Child beauty pageant is a type of child abuse that make children have less confidence. The environment the child is
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