Should Child Soldiers Be Held Compensated Or Justified?

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For years they have been the use of children. Children are forced by commanders they promise them false promises. Like drugs and other stuff that are also kill innocent human beings. Over two millions kids have been killed , over one millions orphaned , over six millions have been left in injured or permanently disabled. Also 10 millions kids were diagnosed with psychological trauma. However , the question still remains whether or not children should be held forgiven or prosecution? The debate have prolonged for years and as yet there appears to be no answer. Both side of the argument bring up strong points, but it 's time to get a answer. On this side of the argument, many people believe that children are not responsible for the action they been thow. Often children have no say whether they agree or not! They been brainwashed through the use of drugs and alcohol. All of that alcohol and drugs made the children more compliant enabling them to commit atrocities, which they would never have before. Besides, many children join with carefully not thinking and through about their decision. Many children believed that draft would lead them to a safer life. Such as food,Water and shelter would be available. Literally fighting in a war didn’t cross their minds. Children at that age will rarely ever have the same understanding of an adult. On the other side of the argument strong points are…show more content…
I have settled this opinion after conducting research on this topic. I have found out that child soldiers are often forced into fighting through false promises. They also forced into fighting through drugs and alcohol. The drug, often cocaine mixed with gunpowder, brainwashed the children to the point where they would rather not escape from the fear disentangle around them. I personally believe anyone who as to surrender to such fear and atrocities should not be prosecuted for the crime they

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