Should Child Soldiers Be Prosecuted

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Should Child Soldiers be prosecuted? Picture this, your family is killed by terrorists and you have nowhere else to go. A gun is forcibly attached to your hand, and you as a 9 year old is given a duty to kill as much people on the streets as you possibly can. This is horrific. Child soldiers soldiers shouldn't be prosecuted without a doubt. According to the article Armed and Underage, thousands of children are being forced to serve as soldiers around the world. They are too young to understand. Also child soldiers are being used in commands of insurgents, meaning it isn't there fault. Thousands of children are being forced to serve as child soldiers around the world. According to Jeffrey Gettleman, thousands of boys some as young as 10 are purchased, kidnapped, or terrorized into joining the army. Children who are forced to serve as soldiers are usually displaced, poor, they have little access to education or they live in war zone (Armed and Underage, 1).…show more content…
For instance, in Afghanistan, children are being used as soldiers or suicide bombers by the Taliban and other insurgents. According to Sierra Leone, 80% of the rebel groups and 20% of the government are children! Can you believe that? Another statistic that sounds incredibly insane is how Islamist insurgents are plucking children off soccer fields and turning them into fighters, just as rebel groups have had (Armed and Underage, 1). It isn't chidren who should be blamed, it should be other insurgents, other commands that should be. Children should not be prosecuted. To finish off, child soldiers shouldn't be put into trial, should not be put into prosecution. Young, poor children are known differently. These kids are being forced, there easily manipulated, and don't even notice how they're being used. This is terrifying. By all means, we need to understand what these children are going through. We need to put ourselves into their
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