Should Children Be Allowed To Read With Purpose

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Will children be reading for fun in the next ten years? Most children today do not read for fun or even enjoy reading. In the passage, “Read with Purpose,” by Cheryl Barnett-Bey, she explains how she would just skim through the pages of a book instead of reading it, so she could receive the reading certificates. According to Barnett-Bey, “At present, very few people are reading to be inspired or to dream” (333). Barnett-Bey points out that television and the internet are big components to why reading is now being taken for granted. My literacy story is similar to Barnett-Bey’s because I would also skim through a book instead of reading it just to get the homework or the assignment done. Today there are many distractions like television and social media that keeps us from enjoying reading and even reading at all. Now everyone is too busy watching TV and scrolling through social media. Barnett-Bey claims, “The enjoyment of reading, or reading for pleasure has been replaced in our fast-paced society with the internet, and television” (333). I can recall when…show more content…
Since the technology is now fast-paced and keeps improving, reading is being taken for granted. Many people used to read for enjoyment in the previous decades, but now less people enjoy reading. I do not think we will be reading for fun in the next decade because of all the new advanced technology we will have. We as a society are too busy wondering what is happening on social media at the exact moment and what is on TV than sitting down and reading a book. Cheryl Barnett-Bey’s passage, “Read with Purpose,” is similar to my literacy story because I would skim through books just to get the assignments done. I didn’t read because I wanted to, I only read because I had to for school. If I didn’t have to read in school, then I probably wouldn’t have read any books at all because I don’t enjoy

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