Should Children Be Punished Like Adults Essay

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Should Children Be Punished Like Adults? Punishment means imposing a certain consequence in an individual due to a wrongdoing made by that individual. In other words, children who have been physically punished feel that they have paid for their misbehavior. Some people see that the punishment is a small part of the stage of discipline and education. However, many of them consider it an important way that warns children and allows them to know that their behavior is wrong, and that they have to remember not to repeat it. There are multiple types of punishment, including verbal and physical. However, since there are many different contrasts between kids and adults, punishment must fit the age of the person being punished. Using a certain punishment…show more content…
Child abuse leaves him/her feeling neglected, which can cause serious health problems. Most children who are punished like adult are left feeling emotionally neglected. Neglect doesn’t come from having a bad childhood; it comes from a bad family member or even society. Feeling neglected has a huge impact on kids because this could affect them their whole life, and it would also cause some unwanted behaviors, such as beating, is a one kind of child abusing or example of a bad behavior. When people are abusing children make them think that everybody will be treating them in an ugly way, so with this they will stay away from others to avoid violence, and bad treating. According to Jasmin Lee Cori author of “The Emotionally Absent Mother”(2010) states that “abuse is when something happens that is actively violating of another, but negligence is when we don’t get significant things we need as children” Children are sensitive; they can be seriously affected by the simplest words. The ways parent’s discipline their kids have a big impact on their personality. If the child is punished aggressively, he or she might grow up to be isolated and have no
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