Should Children Be Restricted On Screen Time Essay

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Should children be restricted on the amount of time spent infront of a screen? With technology being apart of everyday life, I do believe that it is beneficial for chirldren to spend time daily using these devices. I however do agree that a time limit is a good idea and should be set in place. Our children need to become familiar with these devices because they are used in everyday life. In the passage "It 's Time to Let Go of Screen Fears" It states "Some studies show watching too much TV leads to weak executive function, lower test scores, and obesity in children. These studes are flawed." With that being said the passage states that all other evidence has been ruled out, and that it is a good idea to let children have these screen times. I personally…show more content…
"New studies show that toddlers improve their vocabulary as much from chatting with a family member on screen as they do talking in real life." Learning is not limited to a book, or a teacher. From my personal expierence I have learned that my children are less likley to get upset and want to give up if they are using their tablet. One of these reason is because I am not asking questions, and telling them no you are wrong, or no this is how it should be done. They are discouraged when they hear "no." Screen time has a way of teaching, and if the answer is not right, it will show you exactly how to do it, and/or give examples of the correct way. Not only is this visual, but it is also being heard. Techonolgy is a good idea for those who have little patience like myself. "More media content is designed for children every year." If screen time was not beneficial then why would media content be designed more and more every year if it was not going to help. "Screen time has become an everyday part of
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