Should Children Get Paid For Chores Essay

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Have you ever looked down at the laundry you were folding and thought hmm I should be getting paid for this. Chores are something children have to do in most households, but majority of the children aren 't getting paid to do them. Parents require children to do their chores, but children aren 't required to pay their children for their hard work of keeping the house clean. In this argument paper we will be arguing that children should be paid to do their chores and I assure you this is going to best the best argument paper you will ever read. Children should be paid for chores because, they manage their time better, they take better care of their things, and they prioritize their wants and needs. Kids should be paid for doing chores because they manage their time better. (According to If you give them an opportunity to earn more money for more jobs, than they are going to begin to learn how best to navigate this relationship that many adults struggle with of time and money.) kids do benefit from getting paid to do chores because when you add rewards do common day task then they will be more excited to do and will try to manage to fit it in their schedule even if they have to cut somethings out of that…show more content…
(According to,If they know they have a budget (or they are going to earn a certain amount of money for certain jobs they complete) then they have to prioritize where that money goes. If they worked hard for it, they may not want to spend it on things they previously thought they wanted or needed. Versus, asking you for it where it’s almost like a magic genie as a parent). When kids know their budget and how much money they earned for that week just like adults they think about what they need the most opposed to what they want the most. It may even motivate them to work even harder so they can be able to get what they need and what they
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