Should Children With Disabilities Be Allowed To Enroll In Regular Schools

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Should Children with Disabilities be allowed to enroll in regular school? Every human being is equal and has the right to education irrespective of race, sex and religion. In the past generally people with disabilities were discriminated against and excluded from society. However, people’s attitudes, towards this group have started to change and they are beginning to enjoy article same freedoms like any other people. Many argue that children with disabilities should be placed in separate schools. However, in my opinion, they should be enrolled in regular school for several reasons. First, allowing children with disabilities to study alongside regular students helps disabled children in many ways. Often children with disabilities begin to learn social skills as they get more opportunities to interact with a…show more content…
Teachers may profit from having a varied population of students as teachers get a chance to improve their teaching skills and ability to distinguish lessons and activities when such different children are in their class. Regular teachers need to work closely with other teachers and specialists to meet the needs of diverse children, thus enhancing their collaboration skills. It also allows to develop an awareness and appreciation of students’ individual difference (National Center on Inclusive Education 2001). Besides, children with disabilities can motivate regular teachers to be more imaginative with their teaching methods, skills and come up with up-to-date methods of delivering lesson that fits all learners. Regular teachers may realize that all pupils have potencies, which can be useful and vital to their entire classroom, and these potencies can be fostered to produce a profound school experience (Kinza 2008). In short, children with disabilities enable the regular teachers to keep always abreast of new development in
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