Should College Athletes Be Paid?

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College is a place for students to obtain a college degree and help them to get ahead on their “real world” careers. Athletic departments in college have become huge money incomes in the past ten years; college football and basketball are even shown on the television. This has resulted in many believing these athletes deserve to be paid for their contribution to the schools athletic income. However athletes in college are given the opportunity to play the sport that they love as well as receive a top education. For some players a $20,000+ per year tuition is not enough, they want to be paid with more than just a scholarship. Many argue that they are putting in extra work that other student aren’t having to do, but that is the reason they are receiving free education. As college sports can be challenging, student should never receive a paycheck because they are already being given a scholarship, no debt at the end of four years, and also college sports were never meant to be used as a career.…show more content…
National Center for Education Statistics says, “An average student who comes to a new state from another state can expect to pay around $28,400 in tuition, fees, books and supplies for an academic year. Adding in an off-campus apartment and other expenses brings that to around $47,500.”(Should College Athletes Be Paid?) Attending college is a huge financial decision for most of the attending students. Though, if you are an athlete this is not the case, the scholarship you receive from the coach will relieve the stress that is put on other students. College athletes are not receiving a physical paycheck; instead they are receiving a scholarship that is worth much
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