Should College Athletes Be Paid

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Do college athletes throw their bodies away so programs can succeed and benefit? College athletes put more into the school than regular students. College athletes should be paid for playing because the sport they are participating in is essentially their job, they have no time to do any other activity because it will interfere with their schedules. Another reason I believe this is because of the profit the school makes off of the players. If you or your child was an athlete giving your all to a school and you were still struggling financially to where you can barely take care of yourself would you believe in paying them then?

College athletes spend 75% of their time on the sport they are participating in. They are constantly overworked and pushed through routines that are on professional levels. Not only are they participating in sports but also attending the school. They are still students but they miss that extra time that other students get to use to study and prepare for their classes. Most athletes go with less than 6 hours of sleep on a daily bases to try and balance the level of study and their sport activities. College athletes have no time to get involved in any other activity, this is due
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I believe that colleges are just trying to avoid paying them by talking about their ameture title. Not only are they not paid for what they do but they are also not allowed to collect gifts and or endorse products. This is a violation to their right to free speech. The NCAA makes athletes sign away their rights to say it 's protecting them from being exploited and cheated. The NCAA believes not paying them lets them focus more on academics. This is where the NCAA was finally wrong. Trying to make sure student athletes stay at the ameture level does not have anything to do with money. The word ameture means “lover of”. They can stay a lover of the game while getting paid which brings me to
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