Should College Athletes Be Paid Research Paper

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Should College Athletes Be Paid? Imagine you are one of the best athletes in your college. But what if you didn’t have enough money to continue school and most of your time were spent in a college sport? You wouldn’t have enough time for working and studying. There are some student-athletes who are actually struggling right now with this problem. What should the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) do? Due to their hard work, time and risk of injuries, college athletes should be paid. Even if the NCAA or their own colleges can’t pay them too much, they deserve to be paid even just a little. It would be really helpful for some students to get some extra money. An associated press article, “Paying college athletes fits modern reality”, explained that some students come from poor families. Why not let them earn some extra bucks? It states, “They might be sufficient for students with academic scholarships, who can supplement their income by working after class. Athletes often can’t.” This shows that students who come from poor families can’t work after classes even if they wanted to because of practice. The article, “Should College Athletes Be Paid to Play?” also states that, “Some Division I athletes came from…show more content…
Alex Rizk wrote in, “Should College Athletes Be Paid to Play?” that football scholarship players already received many helps and that they don’t need to pay college athletes to
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