Should College Athletes Deserve To Be Paid

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Between Tv deals, ticket sales, and jersey sales there is plenty of money to go around in college athletics, and it is time that the NCAA steps up and compensates athletes. College athletes are stuck in a brief conflict where they think they deserve to be paid just like the pros do. They consider their sport as a job and think they deserve to be paid just like the coaches do. Colleges make a lot of their money through the sports department. Ticket sales are a big way colleges bring in big money. Especially if the team is good then the games will sell out almost every game. For example Alabama crimson tide bring 28 million dollars in ticket sales in 2008. They play in the same uniforms and don 't make that much upgrades to the program so where does that money go? The college uses that money on pointless things. When instead they could be paying their players who are generally making most of the money. Because people buy tickets to watch the players play not to just give the college money or to come watch the coach. The coaches make millions of dollars and get credited for the success of the players. Which isn 't fair because the …show more content…

Another valid argument for why they deserve to be paid is because a scholarship for the athletes doesn 't normally cover all of the tuitions. So the players are forced to pay the rest of the tuition to go there and play. Not everybody can afford to pay for college that is why they work their butt off for a scholarship. A case happened at duke university where a player got a scholarship and still had to pay 1,995 dollars for his scholarship. The study shows that the players were living just 732 dollars above the poverty line. Players can 't afford to have their parents come to the stadium to watch them play. If the athletes were paid they could pay the college the rest of the tuition and pay to have their parents come watch the game and shoe their parents all the hard work that they have been putting into the sport that

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