Should College Athletes Get Paid Essay

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Should College Athletes Get Paid? College athletes should be paid for playing at the college level. This topic is interesting to me because it has been a debatable topic for a long time. College athletes deserve to get a pay check because they are still responsible to keep their grades up while playing and training for football. They work harder than the pros because they have more of a motivation to get to the higher profession than someone who is already there. They can use that money to help support their families. The coaches are getting paid but they don’t play a sport or endure in a sport. The NCAA is making a profit out of them. In all honesty, the college athletes are one of the most hardest working athletes that don’t get paid. College…show more content…
Most of college athletes come from a background “low-class families and often leave school early...unimaginable pressure”( Lemmons, Malcom. “College Athletes Getting Paid? Here Are Some Pros And Cons.”) where they were either raised in a bad nieghborhood, unstable housing, or a single parent working two or more jobs. Plus, most athletes usually give back to their parents once they have made it into the professional level. That low-class lifestyle they lived and the hard work they did to keep their grades up. College athletes deserved to be paid because under the circumstances they have went through just to get to where they at and be good at it. I have taken a survey with ten future college athletes and they have said if they get paid to play college sports at least thirty percent of there money they earn would go back to their families. College athletes and athletes in general are probably the most are generous and would give it away to a charity. Athletes are very giving people who have given back to their communities. The college athletes look up to professional player and that’s what they do is give back to the community. This could be a positive thing for the community and they college athletes making a
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