Should College Athletes Get Paid In College Essay

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Who's to say Who would get paid? What athletes would get paid and what ones would not? What college can pay and which one can not pay their athletes? What will the colleges have to take away to make the money to pay the athletes? Would it make the tuition go up for all students? Could this lead to more people not going to school? Why give them more money if the school will only need to take it back? Will paying college athletes really help them? A lot of people say they do not go to college because of how much it cost. So it tuition goes up even more people will not go to college. Athletes should not get paid in college. Being a college athlete pays for most to all of their college. Most athlete in college have a lot of small scholarships…show more content…
Sports bring in money because of the game tickets and other things the same. However bigger sports like football and boys basketball pays for the smaller sports like girls basketball and bowling. So by paying athletes colleges would not be able to pay for the other smaller sports. A lot of school have taken out music and art because the college can not afford it. So if they start paying athletes, this could lead to more little programs within the college to be discontinued. There are some colleges that could afford to pay the athletes, however this would lead to these colleges losing students due to having to pay more or other school who do not pay the athletes lose student athletes because they do not pay them. So if colleges started paying athlete more, than the school it self would have to raise tuition and then students would have to pay more for the classes. This leading to students not wanting to go to college and or dropping out because of the hirer tuition. Not only this but if colleges start paying the athletes and the schools end up having to kick out smaller programs. this could lead to them kicking out a programs that some students have scholarships for, leaving them high and dry to pay for college themselves. So in the long run it will hurt the school and other students. This could even end up leaving the college in a bad place to where some lose so many students it has
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