Should College Athletes Get Paid Research Paper

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Have you ever seen a college football game before? Well did you know that the player Don’t get paid. This article that i 'm discussing is all about why good college football should get paid. The article is Should college athletes be paid. And I 'm Arguing why player should get paid.

If you 're wondering why college athletes should get paid let me tell you there are a of reasons. 1st most college athletes struggling financially and they don’t get a lot of income from their jobs. ( If they have one) They also struggle with having to juggle grades, practice and a job so they can play. But taking off the weight of a job would help tremendously so they aren 't stressed as much. Most college kids say that some night they go to bed starving. But college is supposed to be the best time of your life. Not a place you go to just learn and not have food to eat or drink. You might also be thinking that the best college players get endorsements from ad’s. well most players only do 1 or 2 commercials in their lifetime. And those are the EXTREMELY good players.(Johnny Manziel, Christian
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Now for the reasons why you shouldn’t pay players there also a lot of reasons. 1st players have never been paid and they were still supporting themselves. (barley) Also college is meant to show kids the responsibilities of the world. It also shows them how to juggle a lot of things life grade and a job and in the real world it would be a job and kids. But then the parents not wanting their kids to play because of injuries and, why would you pay kids if they 're most likely to get hurt. It doesn 't make sense.(granted 1 out of 50 football players get hurt during a season.But just to make sure you get the point. Here are some percentages for injuries. Concussions=7.4%, head/neck and face=4.3, upper limbs=16.9, torso and pelvis= 11.9, lower limbs= 50.4%, and other injuries= 9.1. So as you can see there are a lot of injuries in the legs. And the leg injuries are not fatal at all.NCAA injury
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