Should College Athletes Have A Special Diet Essay

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Athletes Must Have a Special Diet In each sport, there are many requirements to achieve maximum performance. One of the most important aspects in the athlete’s life is diet, which can negatively impact or positively an athlete’s performance. It is very difficult for a college athlete to have a good diet, especially when athletes eat in the cafeteria and travel a lot. Everyday athletes have to make choices about their alimentation. It is essential that athletes improve their diets to maximize their performance; college athletes can do this by preparing their own food, making good choices in the cafeteria, and taking their own food during travel instead of eating fast- food. A good diet can lead to many positive impacts and allow athletes improved performance. The diet has to be healthy not just the day before a game but every single day. It is very…show more content…
College athletes face a hard choice between some french-fries, burger… and salads, tomatoes… They have to be very smart. First of all, they have to understand what is the point to eat healthy every day. Their coach can answer this question and help them to get that and keep a good diet. Then, once they understand what they should eat, they can begin to follow a good plan over time. Usually, most of the college athletes make good choices in the cafeteria for a few weeks. After that, most of them start to make bad choices in the cafeteria and this impacts their performance. All college athletes on each team want to perform at their best; however, only a small percentage of them will achieve this if they keep a good diet during all the time of the competition. Bernard Roth signals this in his book, The Achievement Habit: Stop Wishing, Start Doing, and Take Command of Your Life, “People just talked about it, and nothing happened” (142). College students with determination keep going to eat healthy must make good choices at all

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