Should College Basketball Players Have To Stay For Two Year Essay

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If players had to stay for two years the quality of basketball the quality of basketball would undoubtedly be better. Yes, players want to get to the next level as fast as they can, but but if they had to stay for two years instead of one, college basketball would even more fun to watch. Imagine that Brandon Ingram was staying for his sophomore year, and Harry Giles is playing at Duke his Freshman year. They would be so fun to watch, and they would not be the only team like that. It would be fun watching these players grow individually and as a team. College basketball would never bet the same, it would be on a new level. The teams would be so much more talented. If Kyrie Irving stayed one more year he would have been playing with Austin Rivers…show more content…
All of these players are wanting to go straight to the NBA for the money, but if they just stay one year more year more,their draft stock could go up and they could get more money their first few years and it could even out. Quite a few players would also benefited to staying one more year because they have rookie struggles, and one more year of collegiate basketball could have helped these players work on their game before going to the next level. Finally, basketball would be on a new level. The fans would want to come and watch the games live, and they would want to watch it on television so the television rating would go up. Next, say that Brandon Ingram stayed for one more year and played with Duke’s new recruiting class. He would be playing with Harry Giles, Jayson Tatum, and since Greyson Allen is staying for his junior year. They would be one of the most dynamic basketball teams of the decade. Talking about Greyson Allen he did it right, his freshman year he averaged four point four points per game, and sophomore year he led the team in scoring and averaged twenty-one point six points per game. That is a seventeen point two more point per game then the year
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