Should College Football Players Be Paid Essay

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In October of 2012, Marcus Lattimore suffered a gruesome knee injury in a South Carolina vs. Tennessee college football game. His medical bills built up causing Marcus to go into great debt due to his lack of money. Due to incidents like this, college football players should be paid to play. On average, the NCAA makes over 1 billion in annual revenue. College football players deserve some type of income. Colleges generate billions off of players, therefore it should not hurt to compensate student athletes, furthermore, these players are risking their health and well-being without receiving a penny in return, and lastly, getting paid to play can teach these young student athletes financial responsibility. To begin with, colleges generate billions off of players, therefore, it should not hurt to indemnify their student athletes. Paying each athlete even at minimum wage is better than nothing, in addition, it would not even make a dent in the billions the colleges produce because of the players. All jersey sales, ticket sales, television revenue, and basically all outlets of income get dispersed to the coaches, the staff, the schools, the NCAA and any and everyone involved…show more content…
That a full paid scholarship is plenty enough (McCauley). The ones who introduce this opinion into the conversation fail to understand the daily struggles a college athlete suffers. Without any outcome, college football players are putting forth their utmost effort for no cause. The twenty to twenty five thousand dollar scholarships do not even put a dent in the billions brought in by the NCAA. This is why this situation is so commonly debated as people believe it is highly unfair to the student athletes. While some on the other hand, believe it is completely fair, that the experience makes it all worth the struggles. But there is only so much these athletes can take, after all, they are
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