High School Graduation Analysis

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As many students walk across the stage and receives their diploma, one asks “now what?”. When high school students make headway towards graduation, they are burdened with the stressful decision of whether they should go to college, or go into a career with just a high school diploma. In America, a typical person attends school for 13 years to prepare them for life, college, and a career. Deciding not to go to college could be a huge mistake because one could be missing out on a big opportunity to get a good job and getting a good education for oneself. Even though college students could be paying off student debt for a long time, college is worth the cost because people can earn great scholarships and get financial aid, it can also help develop…show more content…
Except, not all students qualify for financial aid. For instance, as a high school student, taking advanced placement classes and honors classes help students qualify for academic scholarships (Pew Social & Demographic Trends). Another way to earn scholarships is if one is an athlete and commits to the university, sometimes they aide so much for a scholarship (Pew Social & Demographic Trends). If one isn’t so fortunate in earning scholarships, people often take out a loan and pay it off over time (Pew Social & Demographic Trends). Not to mention, there are also effective financial aid programs to help students pay off the cost of college. As result, if students work hard, you won’t have to pay in full for…show more content…
On the contrary, there are also jobs or businesses that pay just as much as someone with a degree. When one goes to college and acquires a higher level education, they are equipped with skills and knowledge that someone without a college education possess (Leonhardt). When people go to college, they are constantly learning the techniques and information needed for whatever occupation, therefore it makes them more adequate for the job. Also, not everyone is suitable for whatever job is needed, which means that specific people are required for a certain profession (Leonhardt). Knowledge of the skill and experience is required for the person to perform their duties as an employee or employer. In fact, workers with a degree make 40 percent more than people with only a high school education (Leonhardt). Again, employers and business are looking more for people with skills and experience to perform their best for the career. As a result, going to college increases the chance of your future paying wages.
Overall, college can be costly, but with scholarships, financial aid, it can be affordable. It can also help one develop into a better person and it jump starts a career for many people. Students meet new people, make friends that helps one discover themselves as a person, and they get a quality education
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