How Does College Education Affect Society

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Classes all day, a job, homework, and still trying to make time for a social life. This is the picture of college for students who need and want to go for the education. This is not how college is portrayed. Finding your soulmate, parties, and clubs, that is the college experience portrayed on every screen Americans look at. Truly every single American does not need to go to college. Trade schools are an option for people who want to get straight into the workforce. College can help change the socio-economic status one person has lived at throughout life. Americans in the twenty-first century aren’t going to college for the education, they are going for the experiences they can get out of it. Growing up kids watch movies about college and decide that the parties, girl, sports, and fun is all they want. These movies don't focus on the education part, they don’t show how much time and work it really is. “You can go to college to get civilized… Or you can go there to get qualified.” What a College Education Buys. Pitch Perfect, Scream 2, Drumline, and…show more content…
College is not being portrayed by the media as it should be, college isn’t about love, parties and fun. Those are just extra factors of it. Learning to become a better person and learning how the world works is what college is all about. Not everyone needs the college experience to go into life. The military and trade schools are all both great choices for a person trying to get straight to the real world. Some people go to college to change their status they have always lived at. By going to college for four years most people will be looked at very highly of the list by potential employers. But it may also not change the fact that you may not get the job. A college education isn’t always a helpful thing. Going just for the experience and not for the education is how young adults in America are going at
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