Should College Students Get Paid

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I think that paying student should happen because if we get paid we have more motivation to do the work and have more reasons to do better. Every year 1.2 million people drop out of school because of no motivation. Plus if we save up we can pay for college. If we have motivation we have more control of our grades. For example if we get paid we will focus more at school more than we would if we didn 't get paid because most kids love money and if they get paid they will think of school as an actual job. We would be able to do jobs better if we get paid for doing what we are supposed to do like in a real job. Also when we get paid we are able to get more money of course and it will teach us how and what we pay for like setting a budget for how much we are payed. Plus it is able to make us more reliable for jobs.…show more content…
There has been no studies on paying for good grades can badly affect us. That 's why parents should pay us for good grades and like I said before if we get paid we will get better grades and have a better attitude towards school and think of it as an actual job. So that 's why I believe that we should pay students for good
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