College Students Wear Uniforms

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For many decades, there have been thousands of arguments about whether university students should be made to wear uniforms or not. This is a combative and much-debated question that occurred amongst the University and others social circle. Example like at Pakistan, England, and the countries that all around the world. This question had been considering as the most debate question in around all the university. While in Malaysia, this problem also occurs in school systems for many years. There have many opinions about college students should wear uniforms or not. It depends on what the people think about it because everyone got a different view. Therefore will have many different opinions. But in my opinion, I think that college students should…show more content…
Generally in university without the dress code of wearing school uniform. The fashionable and rich students will wear the most fashion and modern clothing because they have to social with the others rich students in the higher social circle. Example like if got a party is inside the university and it's for the higher social circle, And at that day if got someone wearing some not suitable clothing to the party, they will be eliminated from the higher social circle. For poor students, They usually live in a low standard of a social circle. They usually buy clothes from the lower standard of shopping place example like Pasar Malam and Pasar Pagi. From those place, they can get a lower prices compare to the higher prices shopping mall like Pavilion and Midvalley. From the above situation, It`s will result in a different psychological effect on the different students, For the rich students, they will become more confident and fearless when talking to people and have the courage to do something that they never do before. Example like doing a presentation in front of the stage. As a result, they will become more socially to meet new friends and they will have many friends. For the poor students, they will become extremely fearful to do new things that they never touch before and will not leaves to their comfort zone. Example like when…show more content…
Obviously, we can see that there a small difference between the school uniform and the normal clothes which are school uniform has a cheaper price compare to the normal clothes. From the financial and economic aspect, School uniform is much worthy to buy as they cheaper and this will help to reduce the pressure of their parents. If the family have a lot of children which are going to school, they can be passed down the school uniform. Next, from the sentences of Brittany Whelan (2010) and he says: ``It (school uniforms) can help them save money because they have to buy the same outfit for every day, which means five outfits that are the same, and costing the same price``. As a result, school uniforms allow college students have a less stress and have a more time for a morning routine.
Finally, school uniform is important parts of the school. It r is a symbol of a school and it represented the spirit school. University should apply the dress code policy because there are many benefits of wearing a school uniform. It restricts the student's rights to overexpression themselves in school, wipes out the defined line of the social class, decreasing the bullying cases, saved time and cost. According to the above benefits, I believe that all school should apply the dress code policy which is students should
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